From its base in London, Ontario, McKeating Actuarial Services serves clients across Canada (excluding Quebec). We regularly work for plaintiff lawyers and defendant lawyers. This enhances our credibility and assures you of our objectivity.


    • We provide economic loss pecuniary damage valuations in litigation related to personal injury and death (due to motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, or other causes).


    • We value the pension loss in wrongful dismissal matters.


    • In family law disputes, we provide pension valuations, income tax adjustment opinions, lump-sum support determinations, “Boston” calculations, and assistance in negotiating the terms of a separation agreement.


    • In estate or family law matters, we determine the value of the life and residual interests in real estate and other property.


    • For commercial litigation or a criminal trial, we calculate the effective rate of interest associated with a loan or other financial transaction. 


    • We will review and critique the reports of other economic loss experts, and prepare competing reports where appropriate.